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Software Engineer for TangoCodePOSTULAR



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? 3+ years of work experience with one of the following:

? Building SPAs with ReactJS/Redux and styled components

? Building backends with NodeJS

? 3+ years of work experience with one or more DBMS such as SQL Server, MySQL,etc or

NoSQL databases such as DynamoDB, MongoDB etc

? Proficiency speaking and writing in English

? Experience with one or more OOP languages such as C++, C#, Java, etc

? Experience working with dev teams using Agile methodologies such as Scrum

? Familiar with cloud computing services such as AWS, Azure, etc

? Familiar with continuous integration and continuous delivery practices


? Performing any activity with a teamwork mindset in place

? Implementing different stories for web projects

? Participating in code reviews.

? Participating in architecture design

? Engaging in daily scrum meetings and periodic sprint planning and review.

? Designing and writing comprehensive unit tests.

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Full Time

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